One of the most common questions that potential car buyers may ask is, “What’s more comfortable: an SUV or a sedan?” As you’d expect, each of these vehicles has some advantages that will appeal to certain people. For instance, some might find a sedan more convenient to drive in terms of maneuvering around tight parking spaces. Here’s a look at the different options found in each type of car and tips on how to make the right choice between SUV and sedan.


The SUV is an excellent choice for families looking to travel. Driving through hiking trails is safer with an SUV, and they also offer the ability to transport one’s family and pet(s) safely. An SUV provides more comfort at higher speeds for people regularly traveling long distances, mainly on highways or big cities. Today, most people with families would benefit from an SUV as they can carry up to 7 passengers and all their cargo with ease. But those who need both — privacy and room to stretch their legs should pick the sedan if the distance matters less.


Headroom refers to the distance between the front seat and the roof of a vehicle. An increase in headroom means that there is more space above the seat. SUVs are taller, offer more headroom, are safer since they are longer, have more passenger room, and have fewer blind spots.  Interestingly, the first row is set higher than the second row in most SUVs.

Ride Smoothness

SUVs tend to offer better performance and a smoother ride on highways and city roads and off-road and in bad weather. An SUV can sit higher off the ground for better clearance in bad weather; it has bigger tires and axles to allow better grip on muddy or broken roads and better suspensions that can take more punishment without negatively impacting ride quality.


Most models of SUVs pack many features, but the lack of style and class may cause buyers to shy away. Sedans may offer almost the same levels of power and ride quality as SUVs, but they deliver a more refined and stately package that can turn heads.